WE ARE FORGIVEN, SET FREE, LOVED, CARED FOR, WORTHY to be used for GREATNESS!!! WE are STRONG & UNITED BELIEVERS in JESUS CHRIST!!!! YES JESUS we love YOU! just as Jesus asked Simon Peter 3 times in John 21:15-17 "lovest though me?" in contrast to how Peter denied Jesus 3 times Before crucifixion - the outcome is the LOVE OF JESUS FORGIVES and RESTORES (just as he has and will do for us) - then Jesus in John 21:17 commissions Peter to feed His sheep. We have that noble call to tell men women and children about Jesus Christ. FOCUS: WIN SOULS FOR THE KINGDOM - do it TODAY - Wanting others to have the beautiful life in Christ that we have!!! - Rev. Candace Lee ‪#‎hethatwinnethsoulsiswise‬

Posted on February 29, 2016 .