WE ARE FORGIVEN, SET FREE, LOVED, CARED FOR, WORTHY to be used for GREATNESS!!! WE are STRONG & UNITED BELIEVERS in JESUS CHRIST!!!! YES JESUS we love YOU! just as Jesus asked Simon Peter 3 times in John 21:15-17 "lovest though me?" in contrast to how Peter denied Jesus 3 times Before crucifixion - the outcome is the LOVE OF JESUS FORGIVES and RESTORES (just as he has and will do for us) - then Jesus in John 21:17 commissions Peter to feed His sheep. We have that noble call to tell men women and children about Jesus Christ. FOCUS: WIN SOULS FOR THE KINGDOM - do it TODAY - Wanting others to have the beautiful life in Christ that we have!!! - Rev. Candace Lee ‪#‎hethatwinnethsoulsiswise‬

Posted on February 29, 2016 .

When Jesus Says Yes!!

WHEN JESUS SAYS YES! NOBODY CAN SAY NO! Glory Father! I LOVE YOU JESUS!! Let's glorify His Holy Name!   ‪#‎Godsbabygirl‬ ‪#‎WHATAFAITHFULGOD ‬

Posted on February 29, 2016 .

I Want More of GOD

I want MORE and MORE of GOD - For Him to continuously BLOW MY MIND as only a good Father CAN, WILL, and DOES. I FOCUS on GOD and TRUST HIM with my WHOLE HEART for HE WILL, HAS, DOES, CAN take PERFECT CARE of Me. Father does that for each one who has HIM as GOD of their life through the CROSS OF JESUS! Serve HIM with PASSION--not for STUFF--houses, cars titles, jobs, fame but for LOVE - GLORY! I love you Father.

Posted on November 18, 2014 .