Elder Angela Hooper

Angela Hooper was saved at the early age of ten-years-old and she has never stopped working for God. When her best friend, Rev. Candace Lee, was ordained at Morning Star Baptist Church, she was groomed to become her Pastor’s armor bearer.

In 2005, when Rev. Lee was called to lead her own ministry, The Full Experience, Angela became a member and she continues to support Pastor Lee faithfully.  In September 2007, Angela was ordained as an Elder of Full Experience Ministries. She is affectionately referred to as “Elder A.”

Angela enjoys spending time with family, worshiping God in song, and studying the Word. She loves experiencing communion with the Lord in prayer and is often called upon to minister to others through prayer. She uses the gift of tongues to receive a Word from the Lord and share it with his beloved. During this season, God has given her Psalm 33 as her offering of worship unto the Lord.